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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the ability to change my camera selection do for me?

Being able to change which cameras are selected allows you to better manage how large your clips are and make sure you only capture the video that is important to you. See how on page 8.

How many Controllers can I use?

You can have as many controllers capturing clips as you have coaches! You are no longer limited to only one controller capturing at a time.

How do I export my videos?

You will now use the Archive Event button to export your videos currently on the Scout System. See how on pages 11 and 12.

Not all my athletes are at practice, can I remove them from my list?

Absolutely! Simply switch to the Athletes page and select Manage Athletes. Once there remove the check-mark from any athlete not currently at your practice and tap the Stop Managing button. See how on page 3.

I tagged the wrong athlete; can I edit the clip?

    Yes, you can! Switch to the Videos tab and find the clip that you would like to change the tags on. Once you have found it swipe LEFT to bring up the option to edit the clip. Once you have entered the new tags select Update Clip to save your changes. See how on pages 6 and 7.

How do I safely remove my hard drive after exporting?

    Once your export has finished you can select the Eject Drive button. This lets you remove your external drive without fear of losing any clips or data. See how on pages 13 and 14.

How do I clear my clips?

    You now use the New Session button to clear videos from the Scout System. This will clear all clips from all controllers connected to the Scout System and stop any recordings in progress. See how on page 13.

Why do I not see all the clips on my controller?

    You will only see the clips captured by your controller. Clips captured from other controllers will only be viewable using the Viewer app. This way you see only the clips you are focused on.

My athletes didn’t download all their clips before I started a New Session, what can I do?

    Any session that has been Archived can be brought back onto the Scout System by reconnecting the external drive and Restoring Event on the controller. This will bring back all clips and their data to make them available to be downloaded once more. See how on page 12.

Do I have to clear the clips on my viewer before each practice or when I visit a different SideLine Scout enabled facility?

    Your viewer app no longer must be cleared to receive new video clips. If your device has space, you will be able to download new clips!


When you first open your controller app you will see all available tags. Tapping the athlete name will bring you to the Athlete tab to select a new athlete to tag no matter where you are at in the app.


By selecting Manage Athletes you can Add Athletes, Delete Athletes, Edit Athletes, and Select/De-Select Athletes. This is useful if you have athletes not at practice and would like to only be able to select athletes that will be tagged.

Selecting Add Athlete will allow you to enter a First and Last Name as well as add a photo for your athlete. Athletes added on any controller will appear for all controllers.


Tapping each athlete will select or de-select the athlete. Only those with GREEN check-marks will be able to be tagged. De-selecting an athlete does NOT delete them, only removes them from the tagging screen. A great use of this would be if you have multiple practices each day with differing athletes at each practice.


Press and Hold on an athlete to be able to Edit or Delete that athlete. Deleting an athlete will remove them from all controllers.

Selecting Edit will allow you change the athlete name, and to change or add a picture to the athlete. Pictures and Names are shared across all controllers.


Tapping the icon above the Athlete Name will give you two options: Camera allows you to take a new picture or you can select from pictures already in your Gallery. The photo will take the place of the initials listed above the athlete name.

Once you select Stop Managing you will now only see your selected athletes again.


Switching to the Videos tab will show any video clips captured by this controller. Any clips captured using a different device will not show up in this list. All clips captured, regardless of device will appear on the Viewer App.


You can swipe left on a clip to be able to Edit any tagged data including Athlete Name, Dive #, Apparatus, and Score.


After Swiping to Edit you can switch to the Athletes tab to allow you to change your athlete if you would like. On the right of the screen you can change your Dive #, Apparatus, and Score. Once finished select Update Clip.

Once you have finished editing and tapped Update Clip switching back to the Videos tab will show the clip has been updated to reflect the new tagged information.

Tapping the Cameras tab will show you your active cameras, like the Athletes tab. Only cameras that appear here will be captured when you record a clip. The selected cameras are specific to your controller, so even if you don’t have a camera selected someone else can still take advantage of it!


Selecting Manage Cameras will allow you to select/de-select active camera angles for your controller. This allows you to easily switch which angles are active, so you only capture the footage that is important to you.


To add a camera, tap the Add Camera button and enter in the information for your camera. This new camera will appear on all controllers meaning you only have to add it in once!


You can also now edit your cameras by Pressing and Holding until the popup menu appears. This also allows you to Move the cameras, so they download in your preferred order. The cameras download in order from left to right and top to bottom. After editing a camera, when you select confirm the thumbnail will auto-update. This lets you know your changes were made successfully.

The Settings tab has also received a brand-new look and had a few feature changes.


The Score Type button allows you to switch between a 1-10 Score or Golf Score system.


Double tap a number when using the 1-10 Score to add a .5 to the score or press and hold to add a different decimal.


Archive Event will now be how you export your videos from the Scout Box. You can change the Title, as well as add a description and location. Only the Event Title is required, and defaults to the date and time.


Once you have entered the Archive Event data you will still select the drive you are archiving to. This screen now shows how much space is used (6.7G/15G) as well as how much space is left free (47%).


The Restore Archive button will allow you to bring any archived videos back to the Scout Box. This can be useful if an athlete or coach didn’t download all their videos before the session was cleared after the archive completed.


The New Session button will clear all videos from the Scout Box, just like the Clear Dives button. Make sure to Archive before starting the New Session or else you will lose all clips from your current session.


The Eject Drive button will allow you to safely remove any external drives that are connected to the Scout System, meaning you no longer need to power down your box to safely remove the drive.


Once the drive has been safely ejected you will see a GREEN confirmation. At this point you can safely pull the drive from the SideLine Scout System.


The Power Down button will shut down the SideLine Scout System. This will stop any recordings that are in progress and disconnect any devices on the Scout Network.


Once you receive the GREEN Box Powered Down notice you can close your app and turn off the four RED switches on the SideLine Scout System.

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