Tapping the Cameras tab will show you your active cameras, like the Athletes tab. Only cameras that appear here will be captured when you record a clip. The selected cameras are specific to your controller, so even if you don’t have a camera selected someone else can still take advantage of it!


Selecting Manage Cameras will allow you to select/de-select active camera angles for your controller. This allows you to easily switch which angles are active, so you only capture the footage that is important to you.


To add a camera, tap the Add Camera button and enter in the information for your camera. This new camera will appear on all controllers meaning you only have to add it in once!


You can also now edit your cameras by Pressing and Holding until the popup menu appears. This also allows you to Move the cameras, so they download in your preferred order. The cameras download in order from left to right and top to bottom. After editing a camera, when you select confirm the thumbnail will auto-update. This lets you know your changes were made successfully.