How do I get started? 

  • From your Apple TV search for SideLine/PoolSide Live from the App Store and download it. 

What do I need to make it work? 

  • TV Screen or Monitor, Apple TV, Camera, SideLine/PoolSide Live software 

Can I use my existing TV? 

  • Yes, as long as it has an HDMI input 

Can I use the same cameras I used with my old TiVo? 

  • If your cameras are network cameras, then yes! If your cameras have BNC connection then you will need a converter to make it a network camera. 

What kind of cameras does SideLine/PoolSide Live support? 

  •  SideLine/PoolSide Live works with most all cameras that support Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP).   

How can I access my previous recordings? 

  • The sessions are stored locally on the Apple TV and can be viewed from the Dashboard by selecting View Recordings. 

How many cameras can I add to the system? 

  • SideLine/PoolSide Live supports an unlimited number of cameras. 

Do I have to use the Apple Remote? 

  • No. The Apple Remote does take advantage of gestures that makes controlling the application very easy to use, but the Apple TV does allow you to take legacy infrared remotes and learn them. Instruction video here:

Can I use my phone as a camera? 

  • Yes. You can use any app that turns your phone into an IP Camera supporting RTSP. For specific instructions on how to use your phone as a camera see the video below:

  • Tested Apps: 
    iOS: Live Reporter
    Android: CamON Live Streaming

Is there a way to make my old cameras work if it's not an IP network camera? 

What version of Apple TV do I need? 

  • 4th generation or 4K Apple TV (We recommend the 4K version for best performance)

Will your system work with underwater cameras? 

  • Yes. We sell an SLS-300 stainless steel for $350. 

Does the software work with TVs mounted vertically? 

  • Yes. You can set SideLine/PoolSide Live to be viewed in Portrait or Landscape mode. 

Do I need internet access to make the system to run? 

  • No, but your Apple TV does need to be connected to the internet to get updates.

Do you sell a Startup Kit? 

  • Yes! You can find it HERE on our store page!

Can I change the delay and if so, how do I do it? 

  • Yes.

    It is in the Basic Settings of each camera. This allows you to have different delays for different cameras. You can get to the Basic Settings for each camera two different ways. Long press on a camera from the main grid and choose Basic Settings or while watching a camera stream press the Menu button then choose Basic Settings.


For assistance email or call (918) 777-3794