To access the Split Screen view you must be running your SideLine/PoolSide Live app on an Apple TV 4K model. If you are on a non-4K model you will be unable to access this feature. 

To access the Split Screen view, select the Split Screen button located in the top left of the app next to the Find Cameras button. 

Swipe down and select the view for Camera 1 by swiping side to side on the available cameras. Select the first camera by pressing in on your Apple TV remote.

Select the view for Camera 2 by repeating the process for Camera 1. You can use the same camera for each view, or two different cameras.

    Selecting a camera subsequently will change the selected cameras, changing Camera 1 first, and Camera 2 second.

Once both cameras have been selected, swipe up and select the Confirm button.

You will now be brought into the Split Screen view.

All of the functionality you are used to when in a single camera view will continue to work in the same manner when in the Split Screen View.