Setting Up Your Apple TV 

  1. Select your Preferred Language by swiping up/down on your Apple TV remote. Click in your remote when your preferred language is selected to accept 

  1. Select your Country or Region by swiping up/down on your Apple TV remote. Click in your remote when your Country or Region is selected to accept 

  1. Click Continue on the Date & Privacy page 

  1. Swipe down to select Use Siri or down and right to select Don’t Use Siri 


                a. Set up Your Apple TV with an existing Apple Device: 

                        i. Follow the on-screen instructions to use your iOS device to transfer your login settings to your Apple TV

                b. Set up Your Apple TV Manually: 

                        i. Choose your Wi-Fi Network 

                        ii. Enter your Wi-Fi Password by swiping on your Apple TV remote 

                        iii. Swipe down to Continue and select to accept 

  1. Enter your Apple ID by swiping with your Apple TV remote, or swipe down and select Skip This Step 

  1. Swipe down to Not Now on the Have a TV Provider? Screen 

  1. Select where the Apple TV is located; any room will work 

  1. Swipe down to select Enable Location Services or down and right to Disable Location Services 

  1. Swipe down and right to select Not Now on See the World screensaver 

  1. Swipe down to select Send to Apple or down and right to select Don’t Send on the Analytics page 

  1. Swipe down to select Agree to the Apple TV Terms and Conditions 

Downloading SideLine/PoolSide Live 

  1. On the Apple TV home screen swipe over to the App Store app and click to enter the store 

  1. Select Continue on the App Store screen  

  1. Swipe up to the row of buttons along the top of the screen. Swipe right to the Search button and select it 

  1. Using the swipe function on the Apple TV remote search for the SideLine/PoolSide Live app. Once it appears, swipe down and select it 

  1. Once the SideLine/PoolSide Live app has appeared in the store, select Get to begin downloading the app 

 Activating Your SideLine or PoolSide Live App Subscription for the First Time 

  1. Navigate to the home screen by pressing the Menu button on your Apple TV remote once the app has been downloaded
  1. Select the SideLine/PoolSide Live app to open it
  1. Follow the on-screen instructions to Start Free Trial, or if you already have a subscription, Activate Device
  1. Start Free Trial: Enter your email address and follow the on-screen prompts
  1.  Activate Device: Enter the code shown on the Apple TV screen at 

  1. App will automatically begin scanning for cameras on your network

Set the App Orientation (IE. Landscape / Portrait / Flipped Portrait) 

  1. Select App Settings 
  2. Select TV Orientation to toggle between Landscape, Portrait, and Flipped Portrait modes