Use an iPhone as your Camera and Network

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  1.  Install SideLine/PoolSide Live on your Apple TV.

  1.  Download an iPhone app that will turn your phone into an RTSP camera. For example, the Live-Reporter (FREE version) 

  1.  If you don't have an existing wireless network there is a little trick you can do to still make it work in a pinch. Open Settings on your iPhone and choose Cellular. In here you will find an option to create a Personal Hotspot. Turn it on and set a password to keep unwanted people from connecting. Your iPhone should now be broadcasting a wireless network. Now connect your Apple TV to this new hotspot you created (usually set to iPhone by default). 

                a. Open the Settings app on the Apple TV.  

                b. Select Network. 

                c. Select Wi-Fi. 

                d. Wait for nearby networks to appear.  

                e. Select Other. 

                f. Enter the name of the Wi-Fi network you want to join. 

                g. Select Done. 

                h. Enter the password associated with the network. 

  1.  Launch the Live-Reporter app.  

  1.  Next open SideLine/PoolSide Live on the Apple TV and scan for new cameras. Your iPhone IP should show up in the grid after the scan is complete. If it doesn't show up after the scan, make sure the Live-Reporter app is open and you can see your camera video on the screen. The IP address it is using to serve the video to SideLine/PoolSide Live is displayed and looks something like rtsp://  

  1.  Once the Camera shows up in the grid select it and start using SideLine/PoolSide Live. When using an iPhone or iPad as a camera we strongly recommend it be stationary to get the best picture due to the wireless connectivity. 

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